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Pasture Raised Pork & Grass Fed Lamb


Pasture Raised Pork

Once you have tasted pork from pigs raised on pasture where they can graze and root you will never settle for anything less again. Our pigs are healthy because they get exercise and vitamins and minerals from grazing green plants and rooting in the ground. A healthy life with normal pig behavior and low stress on-farm processing results in happy pigs and superior tasting pork.


Grass Fed Lamb

Sheep have evolved over thousands of years as grazing animals and are very efficient at converting grass to meat. Grass fed sheep produce a lean, healthy meat higher in omega-3 fatty acids. We manage production to correspond to the grass growing season so our lambs graze on pasture all year and are finished on grass, not grain. We think you will agree that our grass fed lamb is some of the best you have ever tasted.


No Hormones or Antibiotics


Pigs are naturally hardy animals when they are raised in small groups with plenty of space. They stay healthy and grow well. Lambs grow just fine naturally so growth hormones and subtheraputic antibiotics are unnecessary and are not used on my Farm.


Small Scale Environmentally Friendly Farm

Our pasture-based system of raising livestock has a positive effect on the environment. Each year the pasture improves and the healthy soil teems with beneficial organisms. Rain is absorbed and held in the soil instead of running off, allowing nutrients to be rapidly cycled back to the plants instead of being lost. By utilizing a system of rotational grazing for both the pigs and sheep we are continually improving the fertility of our soil and managing for vigorous and productive forage growth.


Locally Grown

Our farm is located on Lopez Island in San Juan County. By buying direct from the farmer you are helping to support a local farm and ensure that high quality locally produced food will be available in the future.






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